language arts


3-Weeks plus performance     

Tuesdays in Fort Langley  October 7th - 28th   $75 

Three fun days culminating in a Storytelling performance with the kids and a professional storyteller.  Storytelling is an ancient art that has many benefits and it’s something everyone can do, regardless of reading ability. Learning to speak in public in a small, safe setting, increases confidence as the children learn how to hold an audience’s attention through eye contact, voice and gesture. And it's A LOT OF FUN! 

social studies


6 weeks  In Fort Langley

Tuesdays: November 11 - December 16

Thursdays: November 13 - December 18

Don't miss this exciting adventure!  This year an added twist is the addition of celebrating a major holiday in each country.  

Come celebrate as we travel to:  Greece, China, Mexico, India, Sweden and South Africa!

Come get your passport stamped, pick up your boarding pass and hop on the Wildwood plane.  You will learn about these six destinations through story, song, crafts, costume, film and music. This year we will also experience a holiday celebration from each country! Come take souvenir photos for your travel album, write a postcard home, make crafts and try new foods!

Tuesdays:  November  11 - December 16

Thursdays: November 13 - December 18

social studies, math, language arts, community, economics

economics and community for children

6-weeks In Fort Langley

Tuesdays:  January 13 - February 17

Thursdays:  January  15 - February 19

And on Fridays in East Vancouver:

January 16 - February 20
Morning Wildwoodville: 9:30am until 12:30pm

Afternoon Wildwoodville: 1:00pm until 4:00pm

Don't miss this hugely popular course! 

Come run your own town for six weeks in the village of Wildwoodville, complete with bank, cinema, art school, post office, newspaper, cablevision company, gift shop and bakery-cafe!  
The learning here is multi-fold: math, as they make change and manage their bank accounts, language arts as they create cablevision productions and contribute to the newspaper, social studies as they learn about how economics works in our society and community, as the children learn to be good partners in their businesses and to be good citizens of their own little town.


CASTLES TO PIG PENS: Middle Ages for children

6-weeks In Fort Langley

Tuesdays:  March 24 - April 28

Thursdays: March 26 - April 30

This brand-new Wildwood course will explore life in the Middle Ages through all the senses! We will try foods, play games, listen to music, read tales, don costumes and make crafts to bring this fascinating time to life. 


THE WAY THINGS WORKPhysics for children

6-weeks in Fort Langley

Tuesdays:  May 5 - June 9

Thursdays: May 7 - June 11

Calling all scientists! Through hands-on experiments and crafts we will explore the way things work, from electricity to magnets and simple machines, this course will engage the scientific mind in all of us.