2020 - 2021 


For thirteen years Wildwood has featured innovative, creative, inspiring, hands-on, and joyful courses, beloved of students and parents alike. This year, owing to COVID 19, we are moving to online ZOOM classes. This allows you to take part in Wildwood no matter where you live. While I am looking forward to the time we can once again offer Wildwood's active in-person classes, I'm excited about what we can do on ZOOM!


 Ages: 6 to 12 (flexible)


   Fridays: $40 per 6-session course (half-semester)

   Mon. & Wed. - Wildpedia:  $75

   (Wildpedia is given twice a week for the entire semester)

To register contact:

Terry Stafford, director,
Salt Spring Island, B.C.
tel: 778-354-2766
email: [email protected]

I will provide supply lists, suggested books and websites, and printable documents to support our learning explorations.


Paleontology and archaeology for Kids

January 16 - February 19  

Dinosaurs are fascinating! In this class we will learn about the discovery of dinosaurs and how paleotologists study them. We'll also learn about the mystery of these giants who reigned on earth for millions of years and then suddenly disappeared. Explore through books, video, and crafts. We will also learn about archeologists and how they solve the mysteries of the past through discovering buried clues.


Famous artists and their work

FEB 26 - April 2

Learn about famous artists’ lives and their art 

and create your own masterpieces 

inspired by their work.


April 23 - May 22

Learn about the Yukon Gold Rush, from the excitement of “Gold Fever” to the rugged and often dangerous trek to the gold fields following the dream to strike it rich.  

"I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to 

provide the conditions in which they can learn."

- Albert Einstein

“I'm so grateful for what you are offering my kids. They LOVED today sooo much! My son was hesitant to go for the first time, and when I asked him about it afterward, he said "I didn't like it... (dramatic pause) I LOVED it!”. I asked if they had a recess time, and my daughter said ‘Recess would have been a waste! it's too much fun!!’ 

--A Wildwood parent


The most important lesson a child can 

learn is to love learning. 


"I had the privilege of attending Wildwood as a child, an experience that shaped me as a lifelong learner. When I was 10, Terry welcomed me into a world of curiosity and wonder. She encouraged her students to follow our own natural desire to learn and explore, and supported our grandiose plans to plant gardens and make films. This support allowed me and the other Wildwood students to turn our playful, far-fetched dreams into reality and taught me that far-flung ideas aren’t always out of reach. The most important lesson that I learned from Terry was how to find joy in learning."

                                              Former Wildwood student,
                                                       -now a graduate student