JUNE 10th - 14th in Champlain Heights, East Vancouver

JULY 29, 30, 31 and August 1st and 2nd on Salt Spring Island

Early September in Victoria!

Camps are FIVE DAYS - Mon-Fri of one week. Each day runs from 10am until 2:30pm. 

Camp fee is $170 for first child in family, and $160 for siblings of the first child.

Kids bring their own lunches. Parents take turns helping with set-up, clean-up, lunch supervision, and donation of goods for the cafe. (Parents who don't have time to volunteer, don't worry, we always have plenty of help!)

Wildwoodville is a town run by kids, complete with bank, newspaper, cafe, cinema, art school, gift shop, post office, and more. The kids learn a lot as they take delight in running a business and being a citizen of their own village. Kids are really wild about Wildwoodville!


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Here are some quotes from kids who have attended Wildwoodville:
“If this were real life, I would live in Wildwoodville. I would definitely stay here my entire life because it’s really nice.”


“Wildwoodville is one of the funnest things that I’ve ever been to because you’re not treated like kids, you’re treated like an adult and you get to own your own business with a partner.”

 I love what kids get out of the experience -- real empowerment and the fact that to them, the fantasy is real.

At Wildwood, Learning
is an adventure!

Coming to
Salt Spring Island
in 2019

Enrichment classes for homelearners


The most important lesson a child can 

learn is to love learning. 


"I had the privilege of attending Terry’s self-run home-learner program - Wildwood - as a child and that experience shaped me as a lifelong learner. When I was 10, Terry welcomed me into a world of curiosity and wonder. She encouraged her students to follow our own natural desire to learn and explore and supported our grandiose plans to plant gardens and make films. This support allowed myself, and the other Wildwood students, to turn our playful, far-fetched dreams into a reality and taught me that far-flung ideas aren’t always out of reach. The most important lesson that I learned from Terry was how to find joy in learning."

                                              Former Wildwood student,
                                                              -now a college graduate


At Wildwood kids learn to love learning!

All of Wildwood's regular courses are aimed at
ages 6 - 12
and cost $170 for six weeks. ($10 discount for siblings in the same class)
Classes are once a week
Tuesdays or Thursdays.


“I'm so grateful for what you are offering my kids. They LOVED today sooo much! My son was hesitant to go, and when I asked him about it afterward, he said "I didn't like it...I LOVED it!”. I asked if they had a recess time, and my daughter said ‘recess would have been a waste! it's too much fun!!’ …. They were thrilled to report all of the engaging activities you planned for them.” 

--A Wildwood parent

"My son has really enjoyed interacting, co-operating and learning with a diverse
 group of kids, where he can both mentor and be mentored. Terry respects the kids and challenges them to explore and expand their abilities. At Wildwood, the 
emphasis is on learning through doing -- forget about worksheets and reading 
about the accomplishments of others.  Wildwood kids are involved! 
If 'real' schools were like Wildwood, I wouldn't feel the need to homeschool." 
--A Wildwood Parent

Passport to the World 

(Social Studies, Geography)

 In this fun and popular class, kids are issued passports and boarding passes and “fly” to a new country each week, learning about its customs, music, foods, language, costumes, stories and much more. While visiting each country we have a "feast," sing a song, do crafts, write postcards home and take souvenir photos that we put in a keepsake album. It's a delightful and memorable way to learn to value all cultures. 

Outreach, Philanthropy for Kids

(Multiculturalism, Empathy)

Outreach is a very special experience. In these six weeks, children learn about serious issues that impact children in the world both nearby and far away. The emphasis is on empathy, understanding, and reaching out to help others. Outreach kids feel empowered to make a difference in the world,  You will be impressed by just how much one small group of caring kids can accomplish.


 Economics and Community for Kids.
This popular course is also presented as a camp.


was a hit on SALT SPRING ISLAND summer, 2018



Wildwoodville, the course that is so popular that we have to offer it several times every year, including offering it as a camp in the summer. Kids learn about economics as they run their own town. Most importantly, they learn about community as they see the need for civic involvement and cooperation.  



Ancient Rome


With stories, films, costumes, foods, group projects, and lots of crafts, we will create a museum of Ancient Rome as we learn about its history, mythology, and importance in our own history. This is another hands-on Wildwood course that will turn your child on to the fascination of history.


Children are drawn to the fascination and mystery of the ocean. More of the Earth is covered in ocean than in land and new discoveries are being made every day.  We will explore the Earth's oceans, the water, marine life, ecosystems, currents, waves, and seafloor geology. What is the impact of the way we treat the ocean? We will end our explorations with a trip to the aquarium and a picnic on the beach.

Wildwood Educational Enrichment Centre

SALT SPRING ISLAND * Tel: 778-534-2766 * Email: [email protected]

For further information: 
Terry Stafford, director, [email protected]

*Those who work with kids in Wildwood are required to have a current CRC 

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work and time you invest in creating awesome learning opportunities for our kids. You will be one of those teachers the kids talk about when they have kids as someone who created a love for learning. I am forever grateful we found you”    --Wildwood Parent

"I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to 

provide the conditions in which they can learn."

- Albert Einstein


Contact me about bringing Wildwood

to your area as a 5-day camp.

*I offer free enrollment to two children in the same family

in exchange for being my "on the spot" coordinator, helping to
find the venue, contact local families and coordinate helpers. 

 In recent years Camp Wildwoodville has been held in: 

Salt Spring Island, Fort Langley, Vancouver, Victoria, Bowen Island, Nanaimo, Mission, Yarrow, and Montreal!