Quotes I would just like to recommend Terry's Wildwood programs! My daughters are hooked on them (and so am I) Since being inspired by the Ancient Egypt program last year, my 10 year old has been delving more and more into learning history on her own. Terry has an amazing way with children. Her programs are very hands-on, and reach kids with various learning styles and interests. I am glad that Terry has found a venue in Vancouver, so that more families can enjoy this resource! I am always recommending it to people from all over the lower mainland. I happily drive 40 minutes each direction so that my kids can attend! Quotes
Renee Boisvert
Wildwood mom

Quotes I am impressed with how deeply learned Terry is in matters educational. She seems drawn to practice that shows respect for children and employs imaginative ways to excite their interest. I am impressed by the combination of factual learning with exercises designed to make that learning a joy. In fact, the most important knowledge imparted at Wildwood is that learning is a joyous experience. I have never seen a bunch of kids so excited over what they are learning, so eager to get to Wildwood for the intellectual and social adventures that await them. These activities are not simply play; they constitute real learning. Her courses are a trove of riches for these children, designed by a highly imaginative, highly respectful, highly educated woman, who has spent her whole life reading and thinking about education and practising it with dedication and love and great success. I cannot praise Wildwood or Terry Stafford enough. Her work is of the highest order. Quotes
Praise from a godfather
Associate Professor of English, Retired

Quotes It was ten times awesome. Ultimate. Quotes

Quotes It was the best class I've ever taken and I've made a few new friends here. It was awesome. Quotes

Quotes Wildwood is way better than my school Quotes

Quotes I loved Wildwood and I thought it was a great place. Quotes

Quotes This place is like a vacation for me, because usually vacations are fun. Quotes

Quotes Wildwood is like a dream and I'm sad when you have to wake up. Which means going back to no Wildwood. Quotes

Quotes I am going to miss Wildwoodville a lot because it is great and fun. Quotes

Quotes Wildwoodville is a wonderful town and I'm very sad this is ending. Quotes