The nitty-gritty!

NOTE:  In order to guarantee a spot for your child in any course we require post-dated cheques, dated four weeks before the first day of each course.  I cannot guarantee a spot unless I have this cheque.  Even if you are being funded by a DL, send the post-dated cheque to hold your place. I will destroy it or return it uncashed, when the DL pays me. If you drop out before the date on the cheque, your money will be refunded, minus $30 cancellation fee. 


Terry Stafford
email:  [email protected]
phone: 778-354-2766
cell: 778-999-9419

For further information or to enroll, please send an email to
Terry at [email protected].

Arrival and Pick-up:
Please be aware that Wildwood doors do not open before the starting time of the class.
Before that I am busy preparing or taking a moment of quiet in which to centre myself before the busy day begins. DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY  If you happen to get here early, take this opportunity to chat in the car until it is time for Wildwood to begin.
By the same token, please do not arrive late to pick your child up after class.  Your $170.00 is for the hours from 10:00 to 2:30. 

AGES:  Wildwood courses are geared for ages 6 - 12

OLDER AND WISER group for ages 12 - 15 meets on Wednesdays.


Wildwood is searching for a home on Salt Spring!

Unless otherwise specified, all Wildwood courses are 6 weeks, one day a week.
On the Road, Spring Break and Summer Camp courses are 5 consecutive days

All Wildwood courses, unless stated otherwise, cost $170.00 for the first child, ($160 for siblings in the same class).  "On the Road," Spring Break and Summer Camp courses cost $170.00 ($10 less for siblings).

Make cheques out to:

and send to:
Terry Stafford
2450 Fulford-Ganges Rd.

Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1Z4

If you drop out before the four-week prior to the course date, your money will be refunded, minus a $30 cancellation fee

At any time after this date, or after the course begins, or if your child is asked to leave due to behavioural problems, there is no refund.  

Children bring their own lunches.  Please consider the earth and try to send your child with re-usable lunch containers when possible.  You don't need to send water bottles. In Fort Langley we have plenty of cups so that children can help themselves to tap water. 

Be sure your child has outdoor wear for playing outside.

*NOTE:  There are always lots of items left behind. 
PLEASE put your child's name in and on EVERYTHING!