Educational Enrichment Centre

Wildwood's mission is to provide an educational environment that is organic, child-centred, and primarily experiential.

·        We encourage the empowerment of children and respect for each other, ourselves and the environment. We believe each child’s self-esteem is a top priority.

·        We believe that education is a process, not a product. Skills development such as verbal communication, reading, writing, math, science, arts, etc. become means to further learning, not ends in themselves.

·        We nurture and respect children’s love of learning, natural curiosity and self-motivated exploration.  A child's education is best served by learning how to learn, taking joy in discovery and acquiring skills for interacting with the broader world.

·        We believe that relationship is at the heart of education. Children are not just empty vessels waiting to be filled - they are intelligent, sensitive, creative beings eager to express all they are. The key to releasing this innate intelligence lies in creating a caring, supportive relationship. 

·        We strive to make Wildwood a place where children treat each other with kindness and respect.  We believe a child is better able to learn when he or she feels safe.  This is a put-down free zone!  

·        We believe in the importance of being culturally literate.  Here children will learn about other cultures with respect for diversity.

·        We stress respect and anti-bias and are careful to use culturally sensitive materials. It is important for children to learn to be part of community, and to respect all its members.