We have been learning about some of the ways we can make a difference to the world. We have learned about some great people who have helped others.  We learned about Craig Kielburger, Iqbal Masih, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and others.


We have heard stories and folk tales that show the importance of compassion and kindness and being responsible for the things we do.  We put on plays for each other.  One of our favourites is a Mexican story called “The Half-Chick”   or “Medio Pollito”  Medio Pollito was a chick who wasn’t helpful or kind to anyone and because of this ended up becoming the first Rooster on a weather vane.


We had business meetings so that we could choose what we wanted to do to help other people.  We decided to purchase animals from Heifer, Int. for impoverished people   We learned a lot about the ways in which Heifer helps people learn about taking care of their animals, sustainable farming, respect for women and building community.  Everyone who gets an animal from Heifer agrees to “Pass on the gift” by giving the first-born female offspring of their animal to another family.  In this way our gifts grow and grow.  We also decided to do something for the elderly residents at Simpson Manor, and when we discovered we had some extra money we decided to buy sand toys for the children at Ishtar Transition House. They told us that they like to go to the beach and their sand toys are all broken.  We were able to buy them a big laundry basket full of great sand toys!

We HAVE made a difference!


The Poor and Plenty Game by Nick

We played a game that showed poverty and plenty and I was in the poverty group.

There were two circles of rope on the ground.  One was poor countries and the other one was countries with plenty.  The “plenty” group had cookies, blankets, cushions, books, and lots of water to drink.  The poor group had a crumbled tortilla to eat, a few rags, one little book and a little water.   That showed the difference in living in places with poverty and places with plenty. 

People who live in plenty should give other people half of theirs. 








       By Cambria


We have learned about Homelessness.  Homeless people have no place to live. 

They don’t have a roof over their head.  We have a roof over our head. 


People are building a place where homeless people can live so they have food and enough places to stay.  These places help people find work so that they can earn enough money to take care of their family. 



                           SIMPSON MANOR                          

  by Sam


We volunteered to visit the elderly people at Simpson Manor.  We played hockey.  It was fun.  My brother did it too.  It was fun seeing other peoples’ elders. 


I was kind of confused because one of my teammates was shooting at his own net.  His name was Bill.  I think he was confused.  It was a great time getting a tour of Simpson Manor. 



                                             SIMPSON MANOR

                                             by Emory


At Simpsons the hockey game was fun.  It’s a good place.  It’s bright and the people are being treated nicely.  The hockey was not played in the original way because they used a soft ball and sticks made out of foam.  This was so that the people won’t get hurt and because the people are not strong.  The sticks were not heavy.  They are very nice people.  The songs that we sang were very nice. 

We sang I Will Be Your Friend and Peace Is The World Smiling.  It was fun.  I’d like to do it again.



By Teagan


We have learned about Hunger and things people are doing to help…   We learned about the Heifer Project.  Heifer is a great project.   They give animals to people in poor countries.  They go in first to make sure the people know how to take care of the animals.  The animals help the children get stronger. 


They get really excited when they get their animals because they can get healthier, stay warm, have better crops, sell eggs or milk or animals.  This changes their lives.  They can go to school, have more food, better clothes, better housing and a better future.  And the best part is they can share their animal by passing the first offspring of their animal to another family to help them be more healthy too. 


Heifer gets an animal that is pregnant, so that soon they will have babies born.  With the money we earned we bought a llama, flocks of chicks, ducks and/or geese, tree seedlings and a share of a pig.  We have made a difference in the lives of four families in the world.  It will become more because these people will give some to other families.




                                 CHILD LABOUR

By Alexis


We learned about human rights and child labour and slavery.  Over 50 million children under the age of 12 work in dangerous and unhealthy conditions.  This is not fair at all.  In Canada there are laws preventing children under the age of 18 to work in unhealthy conditions or for more than three or four hours on a school day. 


I think more countries should open schools and get funds for books so the kids can go to school for free.  I also think there should be laws against anyone under 15 to be working in unhealthy conditions in all countries.  





                                           By Samantha

 We learned about the Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” 

This means not to hurt others because you wouldn’t want them to hurt you.  It’s called golden because it’s so great and if everyone lived by it the world would be awesome. 

Buddhism has the same rule.  Their words are:  “Do not do to others what would hurt you.”  If everyone lived by the golden rule the world would be better and people would be nicer, even if they didn’t know each other.




                                            by Anika


we have learned about how prejudice can hurt people and how we can stand up for others.   Prejudice is judging someone before you get to know them. We are working to make Wildwood a “Prejudice-Free Zone!”

We learned about Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and the bus boycott. Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. are perfect examples of people who stood up for their rights against prejudice. They grew up in a hard part of American history for African Americans, now thanks to their-and many others-courage this time has passed.



                                            By Anika

Before the bus boycott black people could only sit in the back of the bus, and had to move if a white person needed a seat in the row they were in.

Rosa parks started the bus boycott when she refused to move for a white man to sit down, she had been working hard that day and wanted to sit down on the bus ride home. When she did not move the driver called the police and she was arrested.

Martin Luther King Jr. who was already famous for his remarkable speeches was asked to lead a bus boycott. Black people were sick of prejudice and wanted to
have the same rights on buses. So they vowed not to use the bus on December 5th 1955. But they did not stop there, every black person in Montgomery Alabama tried not to use the bus for three years! This hurt the bus companies because most of their customers were black. Finally bus companies decreed that black people could sit anywhere on a bus.


At Wildwood we are trying to make a difference, at first this seemed hard, even impossible but we now know change begins within us.
                                                                             -Anika Watson