What parents have to say about Wildwood

"My son has really enjoyed interacting, co-operating and learning with a 
diverse group of kids, where he can both mentor and be mentored.  Terry
respects the kids and challenges them to explore and expand their abilities.
At Wildwood, the emphasis is on learning through doing--forget about
worksheets and reading about the accomplishments of others.  Wildwood
kids are involved! If 'real' schools were like Wildwood, I wouldn't feel the
need to homeschool."



The two workshops that my boys have participated in at Wildwood, Wildwoodville and Outreach, have been the highlight of their homeschooling year.  Wildwood is so much fun that they are the ones waiting in the car for ME because they don't want to miss a single moment! Terry Stafford from Wildwood Enrichment Centre is the perfect example of someone with whom you can entrust your homeschooling children. 


 Terry Stafford is one of those teachers whose overflowing knowledge is woven into the minds of her students every day at Wildwood, all the while building their confidence and self esteem with her gentle balance of care and respect. She empowers her students to love to learn and they soak up a wealth of information and knowledge that is important and relevant today. Plus they end up having the time of their lives.  I know my children are happy learners because of Terry and Wildwood.