What lessons do we feel are important? 

We feel that more important than any subject matter are a healthy self-esteem and respect for others.  After that, we feel it is important to learn how to learn by following our interests and inspiration.   Finding joy in learning is what creates lifelong learners.   

Wildwood's Egyptian Tomb

Wildwood Offers Homeschoolers: 

 History  --exploring an era in history through research, stories, and hands-on activities.  Above is a picture of our  history course: Ancient Egypt.  The kids turned a classroom into a tomb --complete with wall paintings, a large sarcophagus and a lot of tomb "treasures." On the last day the kids took their parents on a "discovery" tour of the tomb by flashlight!

Wildwood's history course for 2012 was Ancient Rome. The children learned about Ancient Rome through story, film and projects. They created artifacts  and put together their own museum. On the last day they gave a presentation including readers' theatre performances of Roman myths and were knowedgeable docents in their museum. This course ran in Fort Langley on Wednesdays and Thursdays and in East Vancouver on Fridays.  Our 2013 history course was Canadian History, and in 2014 we will return to Ancient Egypt!

Social awareness, multiculturalism -discussion, games, resources, research and projects.

Social Action In our OUTREACH course children learn about some serious issues in the world such as homelessness, hunger and child labour.  They learn what more fortunate people, often children like themselves, are doing to make a difference in people's lives. They have meetings to discuss what they can do and choose outreach projects from a variety of possibilities.  Past Outreach classes have bought goats, llamas, poultry  and tree seedlings through Heifer International,   bedkits through Sleeping Children Around the World and bought toys for children at a local women?s shelter. This class is empowering and heartwarming as the kids find they can make a difference as the "Wildwood Outreach Team!"

Our 2013 holiday course will be OUTREACH.  What a perfect time of year for us to be thinking of helping others!

Holidays and Holy Days ---celebrate and learn about other cultures, religions and holidays through experiences, stories, pictures, foods, and crafts.



            Wildwood's Gold Rush miners at the Hudson Bay Fort

Listen to stories read aloud --exposure to good children?s literature and a wide range of subjects.  Through good literature children learn to be better writers, discerning readers and become excited about a wide range of ideas.

Music Appreciation --Learn about famous composers, their lives and their music. Make instruments and learn about music styles. Sing together and play our handmade instruments.

Drama and performance
Children run their own little theatre,  perform music, plays, readings and storytelling. Our popular summer  Playbuilding  course includes creating our own play from a folktale and the art of storytelling. 

Art  Appreciaton and Making Art
Children discover the world of making art through exploration and experimentation with a variety of materials and organized activities.  Wildwood art classes seek to develop and strengthen creative skills, build self-confidence, encourage self-expression and stimulate children?s imagination. 

Crafts   All of Wildwood courses include art experiences; crafts that enhance learning about other cultures, historical eras, geography, and more. We have experienced crafts such as tie-dying, candle-making, soap making, pottery, sewing, beading, and mask making.  Our holiday crafts class gives children the opportunity to make gifts they can be proud to give.


   Math fun --through action such as building, cooking, games and running their own village; "Wildwoodville,"  children learn about economics, making change and budgeting.  

Science --projects and experiments.  In "Earth Science" our young geologists learned about the earth and the formation and identification of rocks. In our "Body Science" course children learn about many of the body's systems and make models that help them to understand how bodies work.

Our 2014 science course will be Astronomy!

 Economics --In our hugely popular WILDWOODVILLE, economics and community for children,  children run their own village, complete with Post Office, Newspaper, Bakery, Cablevision Company, Art School, Gift Shop, Bank and Cinema.  In January 2014 we will offer two WILDWOODVILLE courses in Fort Langley and two in East Vancouver. 

Learning about the Day of the Dead